Freedom From Fistula | obstetric fistula caused by obstructed childbirth

Patient Stories : Falida


Our Fistula Care Centre reopened in April 2021, following the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the first patients to receive her surgery is 21-year-old Falida, who had to marry the man who impregnated her and drop out of school because she was pregnant.  Despite going to a district hospital to deliver her baby, there were complications and the baby died.  The doctors also had to remove her uterus.  After a couple of days, she realized she was was leaking urine permanently and sought help but unfortunately our Centre was closed due to Covid.  After living with fistula for 14 months, Falida is now DRY and celebrating her future.

“I want to go back to school and become a nurse so I can help other women like me.”