Miracle Baby Born at AWC

Miracle Baby Born at AWC

On January 31st the team at our Aberdeen Women's Centre in Freetown, Sierra Leone, delivered a Miracle Baby!

Fatmata came to AWC with abdominal pain and was immediately examined by Specialist Dr Allan. He noticed the scans showed something unusual but couldn’t identify what it was. He immediately performed an emergency C-Section and when he opened the abdomen the surprise was big! The baby had escaped from the uterus and had been growing in the abdomen. Dr Allan delivered the baby safely and stopped the bleeding immediately.
These cases are very rare and the chances of the baby surviving are low. In Sierra Leone in particular it was a great danger for mother and child and if they hadn’t found their way to AWC both of them could have died.
Such complicated births need teamwork and Dr Allan was assisted by maternity and OR supervisory nurse and midwife Kumba and Victoria.
We are delighted to say Fatmata and baby boy Abubakar are both doing well.
Congratulations to the teams, you performed a miracle!