FFF features in Miss Heard Women in History Month blog

Charline, a Freedom from Fistula patient in Madagascar features in a recent blog 'The Condition Millions of Women and Girls Are Suffering from and What the Fight Againast It Can Teach Us' on Miss Heard Media.

Having suffered a fistula at the age of 16, she was rejected by her community because of her smell. At the clinic she received free surgery to repair her fistula and counseling and skills to prepare her for life afterwards.

“I will go back to my village and will tell people about my healing,” Charline said. “I want to encourage others, because I believe there is always hope.”

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“I have met close to 100 fistula patients over the years. I’ve heard stories that made me cry and question humanity,” said Dorthe Tate, Board Director of Freedom from Fistula USA. “How could these women, of no fault of their own, be subjected to lives of such degradation, shame and suffering? Freedom from Fistula takes in every woman who needs help, for free, treats them with love and gives them the very best care there is.”