FFF and Rotary International our partnership story

On the 23rd of September 2021 Rotary and Freedom From Fistula hosted an online zoom event 'A Conversation with Freedom From Fistula' - Serving to Change Lives - the difference you make transforming the lives of women and children in Africa. Rotarians heard first hand from the teams on the ground, from Rotarians on how and why they became involved with our work and from the FFF team on how continued support will enable us to help women and children in Africa.

A recording of the Zoom event will be made available shortly after.

For more information on our partnership please download this PDF document FFF and Rotary International PDF

To make a donation please visit https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/rotaryinpartnershipwithfreedomfromfistula

Contact us for more information on partnership working, support in raising funds, to make a donation or to organise a zoom presentation to your Club or District.

Email Sue Hope sue@thehopeconsultancy.org.uk or Rotarian Jo Pawley (PDF D1020) jo.pawley@talktalk.net