On the 5th day of Christmas, FFF shared with me….. A golden opportunity.

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On the 5th day of Christmas, FFF shared with me….. a golden opportunity

For the last few days we’ve shared stories of happiness, restoration and joy. Of patients smiles, hardworking staff and of true healing.

We like to share the success of our project, it’s true. But equally the year has not been without its struggles and with an estimated 2 million women and girls in Africa suffering from obstetric fistula, we need your help.

The great news is, that the Gloag Foundation have agreed to match every penny you donate during our campaign! It costs just £30 for a safe delivery in Aberdeen Women’s Centre, so just imagine – donating £30 could give you the opportunity to save the lives of not only one mother and child but two!

£1000 pays for a life-changing fistula surgery & end to end treatment and rehab with FFF.

£200 pays for a solar charging station and the chance for a woman to build her own sustainable future.

£50 for a woman’s education, to help her learn valuable literacy and numeracy skills.

£10 covers the cost of a patients celebratory graduation outfit.

You can donate to the Christmas Campaign here> http://bit.ly/2zTWYIy